Kirin Ichuban Glass bottle
Chiense Charaters


Employing the exclusive first press brewing process to produce a unique, complex flavor, Kirin Ichiban made a splash in the world of super premium beers when it debuted in 1990. With its gold label and “Special Premium Reserve” title, Kirin Ichiban continues to outclass and outperform the competition.


With both full, satisfying flavor and just 95 calories, Kirin Light delivers authentic Japanese beer with 0 compromises. Truly one of the few great world-class lights.

The Legend Of The Kirin Beast

The Kirin Beast is a mythical creature that's half dragon and half deer with the tail of an ox. Known throughout various East Asian cultures, the beast is considered a good omen bringing serenity and prosperity wherever it goes. It is often depicted covered in flames.

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